How much do you know about the solar system? Did you know the sun is a star? How about the fact that other planets have rings like Saturn? In Planets in the Solar System for Kids, you will learn lots of cool facts about the sun and the planets that orbit it. A solar system includes a star and the planets and other space objects that travel around it. Our solar system has eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They all consist of different materials, like gases and rocks. Similarly, the sun is made up of hydrogen and helium gases. All the planets orbit around the sun at different speeds. As a result, some planets take shorter or longer than Earth’s typical 365 to fully revolve around the sun. Mercury only takes 88 days, but Neptune take an entire 165 years to orbit the sun! The planets also rotate at different speeds. Earth takes 24 hours to rotate, so 24 hours equals a day. Comparing that to other planets, a “day” for Venus equals 243 days, yet Jupiter only takes 9.8 hours. Not all the planets rotate the same way either. Venus rotates in the opposite direction as most of the other planets. And Uranus rotates on its side. Not all the planets have moons either, such as Venus. And other planets have more than just one. Jupiter has at least 79 moons! Saturn has at least 53 that astronomers have discovered so far. Cool fact about Saturn: Galileo saw Saturn through a telescope way back in the 1600s! Speaking of Saturn, it is known for its beautiful rings. Did you know Uranus and Jupiter have rings, too? Let’s see what else you learn! We hope you and your student(s) enjoyed learning about our amazing solar system! If you want to learn even more, head over to our website and download one of our many free lesson plans about space, full of activities, worksheets, and more! What you will learn in Planets in the Solar System for Kids: 0:00 Introduction to our solar system 0:28 Facts about the sun 1:40 Orbits and rotations of the different planets 2:50 Mercury 3:25 Venus and Earth 4:41 Mars 5:59 Review of the first four planets 6:37 Jupiter 7:23 Saturn 8:08 Uranus 9:05 Neptune 10:08 Review of last four planets Thank you for watching and learning with us! We’re constantly releasing new content and videos, so click that “Subscribe” button and you’ll get notified. Find and Follow Us Online: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: YouTube: @LearnBright Website: *Teachers and Parents! Did you know? In addition to these great videos, we have also created a library of high-quality and engaging lessons for your elementary aged student(s). Visit us, sign up for a free account, and instantly you’ll have access to thousands of lesson plans, learning materials, teaching instructions, activities, and assignments that your kids will really enjoy! We hope to see you soon! Browse our entire collection of Science lesson plans: #SolarSystem #Planets
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