Alain Delon - It’s Not Goodbye (Laura Pausini) with lyrics

💛💜🎈(f you like my clips, please buy me a coffee: ) Mythical Beauties, Alain and Romy, the couple we won’t stories, fights and sweetness, we cannot have the full picture, but might at least imagine and appreciate their friendship/love over time. Much inspired by MissNewmanDeppDelon, same song, a very good tribute to Romy and Alain 10 years ago that I attempted to re-edit with HD pic/videos here. Clips from beautiful Romy’s tribute, Romy Schneider Tribute , films with Alain, 1968 La Piscine, 1959 Christine. Audio Beginning guitar solo mixed with Laura’s version It’s Not Good-Bye · Laura Pausini Musique “In assenza di te“ (English: In absence of you) is a pop song by Italian singer Laura Pausini off her fourth album, La mia risposta. “En ausencia de ti“ is its Spanish-language adaptation. The song was released in France in June 2003. The English version, “It’s not Goodbye“ originated all of the other versions, and was released in late 2003 as a single from the album From the Inside. #AlainDelon #RomySchneider #GreatMusicForLife ========================
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