Maleficent Villain Song – UNINVITED – Happy Halloween! (Whitney Avalon)

Maleficent rocks. Especially when she’s angry. ▶ Get cool perks support my work: ▶ iTunes: (also on Spotify, Amazon, etc.) Comedy songs ‘n’ raps, awesome stars, and more are on the way! Press/licensing/business: [email protected] ** CREDITS ** CAST Producer, Director, Maleficent: Whitney Avalon Diaval: Nathan Graham Smith MUSIC Composer, Pianist, Music Producer: Brendan Milburn Lyricist, Violinist: Valerie Vigoda Guitarist: Andrew Synowiec Some lyrics altered with permission of the writers CREW Cinematographer: Merlin Showalter Prod. Designer, Props: Katie Moest Prod. Coordinator: Elizabeth Osterwisch Costume Designer: Sarah Jeanne Wig, Make-up Artist: Patty Jarvis Editor: Kate West Mix, Master: Ed Boyer Script Supervisor: Sophia Cacciola Executive Assistant: Caroline Sharp G
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