DISHARMONY - Messe de Minuit (2019) Iron Bonehead Productions - full double EP

Direct links are provided to purchase ’Messe de Minuit’ on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital format. Additional links are given for Disharmony and Iron Bonehead Productions. ’Messe de Minuit’ release date - November 28th, 2019. IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special mini-album from Greece’s DISHARMONY, Messe de Minuit, on CD and vinyl LP format. Originally released last year on cassette tape for the IRON BONEHEAD / NUCLEAR WAR NOW!-curated first Never Surrender Fest, where DISHARMONY gave an exclusive performance, Messe de Minuit has been here expanded in length, making the release something of a double-EP. At midnight... into a tomb... the smell of burning oil, incense, and skin... the sign of skulls & of bones... the flaming pentagrams... Messe de Minuit is an unholy celebration of the Black Arts, of the Old Ways. Four are the hexes in the classic XXV A.S sound, recorded and mastered totally analog, keeping alive the traditional heavy / black metal style of DISHARMONY. The fifth hex is a
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