Queens of the Stone Age w/ Dave Grohl - Philadelphia 2002 (Full concert)

Queens of the Stone Age - live @ The Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA (2002-05-29). Full concert with Dave Grohl on drums. Set list: 00:00 Spiders and Vinegaroons (PA Intro) 00:57 Monsters in the Parasol 04:24 Feel Good Hit of the Summer 07:19 Quick and to the Pointless 09:35 First It Giveth 12:54 You Would Know 17:22 A Song for the Dead 23:54 Hangin’ Tree 27:15 I Think I Lost My Headache 33:49 Avon 37:29 No One Knows 42:18 Gonna Leave You 45:14 Mexicola 51:02 Ode to Clarissa 54:00 Tension Head 59:38 Regular John 01:05:00 Do It Again (first time ever) 01:08:07 God Is in the Radio 01:18:47 You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire 01:21:42 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret Josh Homme Nick Oliveri Mark Lanegan Dave Grohl Troy Van Leeuwen http:/
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