NEW SKINS for Poseidon - Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones

The Slipknot skins will be available in the Slipknot Event on May 17, 2022. Each skin can be purchased directly for 750 gems each or through a Slipknot chest roll for 500 gems. Rolling the chest will give you a random Slipknot skin or one of two bundles. -------------------------------------------- Voiced by: ● Corey Taylor Poseidon: Matthew David ● Sid Wilson Poseidon: Paul Guyet ● Craig Jones Poseidon: Luca Xavier -------------------------------------------- 00:00 Intro 00:26 Basic Attacks 00:38 Abilities 01:34 Death 01:45 Recall 02:06 Special Emote -------------------------------------------- #Smite #Poseidon #Slipknot -------------------------------------------- Buy Gems on my Nexus store help support the channel: Buy gems on the SMITE website and support your favorite creators using this affiliated link: -------------------------------------------- Discord: https://d
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