1300 hp Single Turbo Fox Body Mustang

This is our last episode from LS Fest East and it’s the perfect end to an incredible weekend in Bowling Green, KY! Tyler Baber has had this car since he was 16, has built it all in his garage and runs hard on the drag strip with it. He’s constantly winning races and runs in the mid 7’s in the 1/4 mile so sit back and enjoy the ride... Thanks Liqui Moly for being our first channel partner! Looking forward to doing great things together. For more info about Liqui Moly click the link to their website and discover the best in oil & additives! And thanks to Holley for becoming a recent sponsor of the channel! We appreciate the support and please find Holley at: Buy Merch: AutotopiaLA Social Media: Instagram Facebook Web ​​​​​​ Paul Welsh - Videography & Tech support: Asad - Videography & Drone Pilot: Suede Ops/K2 - Editing: Builder/Owner/Driver Social Channels: @269motorsports We want to hear from you. Like the music? Like the cars? Like the locations? Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to bring it to you as we continue creating content. Thanks for watching and help spread the word by telling your friends to check out AutotopiaLA! New episode every Tuesday and Friday at 5 pm (pst).
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