Pig Pen - Turn on Your Lovelight, Princeton Univ., 4-17-1971 (LoloYodel)

The Best of Pig Pen - one night, one song, Dillon Gym, Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ, 04/17/1971 This is simply a hello to good ol’ Pig Pen ... with what I consider a best and OUTSTANDING version of Turn On Your Lovelight. Pig here is a wonderful match-maker around his Partners in Crime who play wonderfully. Warning : it is simply a compilation of photos & videos to accompany this live concert song ! Audio Source : Master SBD Reel ~ etc ... I fixed it (to my taste) using the SBD and using the Tobin Matrix to fill that infamous cut from 14:23 to 14:45. 0:00 start 0:18 verse one 1:07 verse two 1:55 some delicious Garcia riffs 7:15 Pig just begins his improvisation ... as a match-maker, a delight ! 17:08 end Photos : come from ... photos circa 1969-1971 Videos : 1968 5-3 Columbia Univ, NY 1970 7-3 Calgary, Canada (Festival Express) 1970 Night at the Family Dog
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