CHEESECAKE SYNDICATE /Hahahaha (Don’t You Just Know It)/

Join „HaHAHAHA (Don’t you just know it) on Spotify, Apple Music & Co. Follow Cheesecake Syndicate: @cheesecakesyn... And what is a song with the title ‘Hahahaha’ about? Let’s face it: we all know what it’s like when things are jinxed - the whole world seems to be conspiring against you! The infamous brightly colored sock in the white wash, the PB und Jelly sandwich on the way to the floor, the last parking space being taken in front of you, the never ending line at the checkout, the first date with an online list could probably be going on and on and yes, you know these situations and their inevitable outcome. Shit happens, but baby - keep smiling! HaHaHaHa :) Almost like a navigator through the famous days when everything really goes wrong, the title HaHaHaHa (Don’t you just know it) by Cheesecake Syndicate
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