Jai Uttal Nataraj

Nataraj Nataraja Jay Shiva Shankara Nataraja Shivaraj Shivaraja Shambho Shankara Shivaraja This is an epithet of Shiva, referring to his «tandava», his ferocious dance of furym which causes the entire world to crumble into dust. This is the auspicious and sometimes frightening clearing away of the old, leaving way for the creation of the new. Shankara = an epithet of Shiva, meaning the «annihilator» . Shambho = an epithet of Shiva. Approximate translation: Lord of the dance, Lord of the dance, glory to Shiva, glory to the annihilator, the Lord of the dance, lord Shiva, lord Shiva, Shambhu, Shankara. Lord Shiva please perform your Tandava dance of annihilation upon the demons of ignorance and ego within me! Please grant me liberation.
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