Green Uncle & Black Hole Surfers - In The Animal World (Full Album 2021)

In The Animal World (2021) Hailing from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia the band who’s name translates into The Green Uncle and the Black Hole Surfers. Offers up a fuzzed out, punked up take on space rock complete with vocals buried in effects and melodic synth lines. The mix of energetic rock music and catchy melodies makes for a fresh take on the spacier side of the fuzz rock genre. зелёный дядя u сёрферы чёрной дыры Nizhny Novgorod, Russia ==== 1. Темнота / Darkness 00:00 2. Винтажный Крокодил / Vintage Crocodile (feat. Nikita Gorobtsovski) 05:58 3. Axaxaxaxaxaxa11:34 4. Марш / March 16:32 5. Эхом Сатаны / Echoing Satan (feat. Dosvidosh) 21:03 ==== released July 30, 2021 All music was written by Vova Sokolov, Misha Skryabin and Nastya Smorodinova All lyrics were written by Vova Sokolov (Vintage cro
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