Captive Chrissy Marie - Chrissy & Lola's Escape Challenge

Starring Chrissy Marie & Lola Anderson -  Chrissy and Lola are challenged to an escape competition! They are both tied up tight with rope on screen as they chat with each other with in their sexy bikini tops and short shorts. He starts with Chrissy’s legs then moves onto Lola’s before tying her arms in order to keep it fair. Of course they are not allowed to cheat or struggle while the other girl is being tied, but Chrissy can’t help but wiggle her cute toes on her bound bare feet while watching Lola get tied up. Once they are both tied up he surprises the talkative girls with a couple wrap around tape gags! Then it’s time to start struggling! Both girls try their hardest to escape first. Their motivation is made clear. Whoever loses will be tickled by the winner! They are tied up so tight that they're skeptical if it's even possible to escape!
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