Barrio Lindo. Caballos by Renata Chebel & Julian Landweer

Barrio Lindo´s third album “Fulgor“ Out on May31st vía Shika Shika Collective. “Caballos is a dialogue between two bodies in acceleration through space, muscle, flesh and relationship. It is the unpredictable other inviting and inciting, attracting and repelling, taking turns, performing movements in this dance of planets and particles of our universe: a hide and seek game we play within and without. This spontaneous experimentation of free bodies in space is orchestrated by the music of argentinian producer Barrio Lindo, who drew inspiration from the way horses move. Staring New Zealand dancer Tui Halfmoon and nipobrazilian Artur Hiruioki, the video was captured in a long shot by german cinematographer Julian Landweer and directed by brazilian visual artist Renata Chebel.“
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