We Finally Know What Really Happened To LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes was only 13 years old when she rose to stardom and her debut album reached the number one spot on the Top Country Albums chart. Rimes was far from a one-hit-wonder, too. Her powerful vocal range and popular songs gained a large following of loyal fans. Meanwhile, her albums and singles dominated the music charts throughout the ’90s and 2000s. However, Rimes seemed to fade afterward. Until recently, not much has been heard about this country music star. But now we finally know what really happened to LeAnn Rimes. #LeAnnRimes #Singer #Music Child superstar | 0:00 Family drama | 1:05 The infamous affair | 1:52 A messy divorce | 2:30 Focusing on her wellness | 3:11 Handling the fame | 3:46 Writing it down | 4:27 Dedicated to her family | 5:13 Kids of her own? | 6:03 Power of meditation | 6:39 Health struggles | 7:30 The Masked Singer | 8:20 Self-worth | 9:18 New music | 10:01 Read Full Article:
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