Major Lazer Ariana Grande ALL MY LOVE Choreography by Dejan Tubic Nargiz Radz

4 years ago I got invited to come teach in Russia. In my class I saw this dancer just going for it, had so much fire in her, and heart filled with passion. Her name was Nargiz. I told her she was a soldier for still dancing after hitting her face with her knee during my class. Since then, she has become a real soldier of dance and has impacted my life with so much inspiration, drive, and love. I will always cherish our times together. Thank you for always believing in me. You have no idea how much that matters to me. So, on my last trip during my European Teaching tour, I asked her to collaborate with me for my last class in St. Petersburg. I am so honored to share this choreography with you. I am so PROUD of where you have come to, and always will be there wherever you go. Love you Soldier! Choreography by: DEJAN TUBIC & NARGIZ “SOLDIER“ RADZ Song: ALL MY LOVE by: MAJOR LAZER feat. ARIANA GRANDE Teaching in: ST. PETERSBURG during GREEK SALAD EURO TOUR 2015 Who says Russia & America can't come together
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