I exposed Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest liar and here’s what happened..

According to yo_boy_Roy, his new charm makes you so much better at the game it’s like having wall hacks.. Let’s see! @yo_boy_Roy’s Rainbow Six Siege video on the new wall hack item in Rainbow 6: ➧ 100 Ranked Tips and Tricks 2021 - ➧ Random favorite - FOLLOW ME HERE ▼ ➧Twitter: ➧Discord: ➧Instagram: ➧TikTok: @coconutbrah ➧10-30% off G-Fuel with code BRAH: ➧10% off Roccat gear with code BRAH: ⌨️ Vulkan TKL Pro 🖱️ Kone Pro Air 🎧 Elo X Stereo MY SETUP ▼ ➧ FRIENDS IN THIS VIDEO ▼ Dumbluh (Editor) - @yo_boy_Roy I guess MUSIC ▼ ➧ ➧Business Inquiries: thecoconutbrah@ subs
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