【SLASHSTREET BOYS RUS COVER】Slashing Bodies【Harmony Team】

Get Anime Apparel here: Get Memes Apparel here: Use code meme for an Extra 5% discount ($49 )! Use code memes for an Extra 10% discount ($99 )! Please support me! ;w; VK public page:  mp3: Okay, you know how I love horrors, slashers, my slasher boys and parodies. So I decided to make the Russian lyrics for Slashstreet Boys’ songs, because it’s hilarious. Tbh it was funny to sing for Freddy, haha :’) Anyways, it’s not the last song, soooo please stay tuned ;) Please subscribe and support the original creators! Original music: Slashstreet Boys (The Merkins) - Slashing Bodies (Backstreet Boys Parody) ( Russian adaptation & Subs: 蓮 Vocals: Jason Voorhees - Kari (user/ApXoHuK) Freddy Krueger - 蓮 (here) Ghostface - Sata (channel/UCQt0HaPZ__3qOX1iUHdRDpg) MIX: 蓮, Sata _____________________________ ✦ YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT ME OR COMMISSION FOR A COVER/TUNING/TIMING! // РЕКВИЗИТЫ ДЛЯ ЖЕЛАЮЩИХ ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ И ЗАКАЗЫ! ♪ - Twitter ♪ Cover, tuning & timing commissions: ♪ - PayPal ♪ - Patreon page ♪ - Russian Patreon ♪ - DonationAlerts ♪ 410011497095813 - Yandex Money ♪ 4276 0600 6252 5178 - VISA Сбербанк
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