Heinrich Himmler: Architect of The Final Solution | WW2 Documentary

It would be easy to cast all blame for the holocaust on one man, Adolf Hitler; the leader of Nazi Germany and the man whose face has now come to personify true evil. However, no one man could truly achieve such horrors on their own. From the start of his political career, he had followers. People who would flock to his cause and would ultimately help propel him to a stage where he could inflict such tragedy on the world. Heinrich Himmler, the head of the vaunted SS and one of the chief architects of the holocaust against the Jews and anyone else who did not fit his vision of a pure Germany. In this documentary, we will delve in to this terrifying figure of history and explore the career of a man who on both ideological and practical levels is literally responsible for the deaths of millions. 0:00 Introduction 1:45 Early Life 7:34 The SA and the SS 12:20 Nazis in Power 19:11 Nazi Germany 25:15 Purging the Undesirables 34:22 Himmler and the SS at War 45:14 The Jewish Question 52:2
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