Qi La La Wing Chun vs Heavier Muay Thai Champion

Qi La La, our Taiwanese Wing Chun pressure tester had a weekend of matches against other kickboxers. This was the last of his matches against Zheng Zhen Hao. Zheng Z. Hao is a two-time Muay Thai champion. Qi La La was not able to find an opponent his own weight class (62 kg), so he went up to 67 kg to fight Z.Z. Hao. Let’s see how Qi La La did and what lessons he could learn from this match. Let us know if you agree with the assessment that some of his flourishes are not doing anything but wasting energy, and let us know if you think Qi La La should be a little careful with how much he’s exerting his body. He’s really putting a lot of strain. We all support him and love what he’s doing, but it is the honest feedback of Fight Commentary Breakdowns for him to be more careful in what matches he takes. The channel with the video that we analyzed: Fight Commentary Chats for future interviews and podcasts: Fight Commentary BJJ f
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