“Panzer“ [USP Hooligan] VS “Franc“ [Unia Oświęcim Hooligan] - King of the Streets: 96 [BLOOD MONEY]

MICHAL “PANZER“ PETRIŠ [ULTRAS SLOVAN PRESSBURG HOOLIGAN 𝕳] VERSUS “FRANC“ [UNIA OSWIĘCIM HOOLIGAN 𝕳] ►►► Underground Fight Club presented by Hype Crew ►►► KING OF THE STREETS: 96 ►►► EVENT: BLOOD MONEY ___________________________________________________ Get PPV ACCESS for next event NOW: ___________________________________________________ KING OF THE STREETS IS A REAL UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB WHERE YOU CAN FIGHT FOR PRIZE MONEY. • Fight under the format “K.O. ONLY” or “NO RULES”. • “K.O. ONLY” means everything is allowed except submissions, and you have to win by K.O. • “NO RULES” means everything is allowed, and you have to win by K.O. or submission. • No rounds or time limit. Fights go on for as long as they need to. ___________________________________________________ Information about this fight: NO RULES FIGHT “FRANC“ UNIA OSWIĘCIM HOOLIGAN POLAND 83 KG / 169 CM / 33 YEARS MMA VS MICHAL “PANZER“ PETRIŠ USP ULTRAS SLOVAN PRESSBURG HOOLIGAN SLOVAKIA 🇸🇰 83
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