Dead By Daylight | RESIDENT EVIL | Gameplay Concept

A fan-made concept for a Resident Evil chapter in Dead By Daylight, including a new survivor and a new killer with gameplay. This project, like all of my previous has been made in the Unity game engine. I have sort of recreated the base game so that I can implement custom content into it like this. THIS IS A FAN-MADE, NON- PROFIT VIDEO. All Dead By Daylight-related and Resident Evil-related assets belong to their respective owners - Behaviour Interactive and CAPCOM. If you’d like to show the channel some extra support, feel free to buy me a coffee at Ko-fi: [CREDITS] Music / Tier Sounds - FirsEncounterAssault () Perks & Power - WheatDraws () Asset Porting Help - Skemooo () Map Port - Jmar () Resident Evil 2: Remake assets belong to CAPCOM. This includes things like the RPD design, models of the Tyrant and Leon Kennedy, the
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