Switzerland may not strike as a focal point for Progressive Rock music, but through the years a good number of swiss bands made themselves a name amongst connoisseurs. Bands like Cosmos, Clepsydra and not least METAMORPHOSIS from the french speaking part. Founder and mastermind Jean-Pierre Schenk has been the only constant member in the 20 year history, that began with the debut « After All These Years » in 2002. Heavily influenced by the bombastic and symphon-ic, but rather mellow and harmonic Gilmour-lead later Pink Floyd, they released two more records in quick succession « Nobody Cares » (2003) and « Then All Was Silent » (2005), before taking longer breaks for the next two albums, « Dark » (2009) and « The Turning Point » (2016), chang-ing to the more artrock sound of Porcupine Tree. ‘I realised how much music depends on private life’ Jean-Pierre remarks. ‘If things get tough, your music becomes harder, more complicated’. For the newest release « I’m Not A Hero », first with PPR, Metamorphosis retu
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