The Husbando State - Inazuma | Genshin

Long ago, my bank account lived in harmony, but everything changed when the banners attacked. Only the primogems, master of all banners, could pull them, but when the world needed them most, they vanished. 100 transactions later, my wallet and I discovered the new primogems, the currency named genesis crystals. And although the gacha rates are still low, I believe… I can pull these characters. It’s that time of year again, with Inazuma coming to a close and Sumeru coming for 3.0, the husbandos were finally built to the best of my ability to completely demolish what Inazuma has to offer. Hopefully the anniversary rewards are better this time around, but I am very excited for the upcoming Sumeru characters and the huge region that is going to be coming. If you enjoyed the video and hope to see more with Sumeru characters, be sure to like and subscribe for more! ---------- Character Builds (artifact set, weapon, talents) Ayato - 4p Echoes of Offering, R5 Black Sword, 8/10/9 Itto - 4p
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