“THE ITALIAN TIGER“ Roberto Cavalli

STORY BY NIYATI LIBOTTE EDITED BY CHRIS GWYNNE NARRATED BY PAUL G ROBERTS Fearless, unapologetic, exuberant. Roberto Cavalli is the Italian fashion powerhouse who epitomises the ultra-glamourous, jet-setting lifestyle of the stars. His innovative and revolutionary designs have made him a darling of the red carpet, coveted by bold, sexy women the world over; while his unparalleled love of silk, leather and adornments have shaped him as an icon in the world of luxury fashion. Whilst his designs are dazzling, sensuous and flamboyant, the man behind the brand is larger than life still. Cavalli is famous for melding the personal with the professional and the man with the brand. His decadent lifestyle - picture endless summers on maxi-yachts, fast cars, private planes, champagne fountains and gold-encrusted everything - carries over to the brand, which millions flock to for a taste of that luxe, over-the-top lifestyle. Of course the image would not be complete without a celebrity or two and Cavalli’s relationship with A-listers from the entertainment world is mythic. It’s not summer without paparazzi shots of Cavalli entertaining various celebs from the Beckhams to Mariah Carey on his 140-foot yacht, moored in the glittering marinas of Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Cavalli designs are erotic, bold and confident and this philosophy extends well beyond fashion. At Designer Guides we focus in on the European designer and discover how he came to be one of the most influential fashion forces on the planet.
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