Sonic Area - The Path Of Resilience

“SONIC AREA rarities (2003-2012)“ is a compilation album comprising 17 re-mastered B-sides, singles, live versions and rare tracks first released between 2003 and 2012 taken from several compilations from labels such as Brume, Invasion, Audiotrauma, Electr-Ohm, Infekted Sound, Ruff-Tang, Les Forces Alliées, Schlagstrom and Electroanschlag.. credits released 01 January 2013 created, mixed and mastered by Sonic Area @ Le Plastic Studio (Strasbourg) Sonic Area is Arnaud Coëffic (aka Arco Trauma) artwork by Sonic Area live photography by @ Bruxelles (2011) track 1 appears courtesy of Pflichtkauf Records (2010) track 2 appears courtesy of and Brume Records (2009) track 3 appears courtesy of Invasion Records (2009) track 4 & 11 appear courtesy of Elektroanschlag Records (2007) track 5,
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