Move Your Body! (100 Subs)

Thank you so much everyone for 100 subscribers. I didn’t think I’d ever get this many. I’d just really like to thank you guys for watching and liking my channel, whether it’s for my AMVs or my Liked videos I appreciate the interest. So for you guys I kicked my butt into gear, put off a bit of homework, and got this video done for ya’ll. Also I will apologize for some of the clips being in 360 and not 720. Now for the basics: The song is Move Your Body by Eiffle, rights go to him I do not own any of the clips used in this video, all rightful credits to the owners Now I assume a big question will be what are these anime? Well I’ll tell you: In order Opening from Yogurting Naruto Shippuden Rosario Vampire Capu 2 Me!Me!Me! Free! Eternal Summer RWBY Season 2- super credits to Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Love Live! School Idol Project Highschool DxD Panty and Stocking Gurren Lagann Yoko Stars Kamisama Hajimemashita (Ka
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