BL SERIES PHILIPPINES 2021 | BL SERIES TRAILER | PRE*SO | Ep 1 Captive Strangers | Music Video

BL series Philippines 2021. Boys Love. BL series Ep. 1 | Captive Strangers PRE*SO is a Filipino BL (Boys Love) series for mature, discerning audiences. It tells the love story of two young men connected to each other by a mobile dating app. It follows SO, a discreet gay man who is heartbroken after breaking up with his straight lover Pablo. With the help of his best friend Seph, he tries to meet other men through Grindr. After some miserable attempts, SO comes across PRE, a sexy-good-looking guy, who offers a listening ear to SO’s recount of his failed relationship with Pablo. Soon, SO is ready to move on and fall in love with PRE. But is he really the one? Starring some of today’s hottest young hunks KEVIN SAGRA, JC TAN, VINCE MAGBANUA, and introducing VIN DRIGO in the most daring, sexy and erotic new Pinoy BL series this 2021. Theme Music YOU by IamDayLight
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