TOP 1 CRIMSON PLANET SEQUEL | "Corrupted Planet" by Lexy & More

LEVEL BY LEXY, R01NT AND MORE: LEXY: ROINT: ▼▼ LEVEL INFO ▼▼ Name: Corrupted Planet Quality: 4K60 HDR Creator: Lexy, RoinT & More ID: Private Copy Music: Xtrullor - Ego Death Difficulty: Top 1 FPS: 360 Botted by Me ▼▼ DESCRIPTION ▼▼ :D ▼▼ LINKS ▼▼ The bot I use: Discord: fnm04 (hashtag) 5033 My twitter (Follow me): ​​​​​​​​ My texture pack Icons: Everything else: Menu Loop: Thumbnail by Me My Complete Setup: My Discord Server: https:
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