Ballet class 2020 (at home, barre ) with Maria Khoreva & live music

2:10 warmup 6:50 plie 11:30 battement tendu 1st position 15:10 battement tendu 5th position 21:06 battement jete 25:00 developpe 27:34 rond de jambe par terre 33:05 battement fondu 36:36 battement frappe 39:33 rond de jambe en l’air 42:48 adagio 46:35 grand battement Many thanks to @얌생 Hello my dear friends! Today I’m finally posting a follow-along Ballet Barre, my take on an essential part of every ballet class which no ballet dancer can live without, a true base for everything ballet-related! If I wanted to warm up before a day full of rehearsals, before an important show, or if I just needed to stay in shape during vacation, I would be doing something very much like what I showed you guys in this and it would truly be the anchor point for everything my body does and feels during the day from boosting my metabolism to making my muscles more mobile and flexible. So here are my preferred combinations and exercises! Hug
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