| The Anchor | - Miscreation (Official Video)

MISCREATION | The Anchor |’s New Single | OUT NOW | The Anchor | is a five-piece, female-fronted, metalcore band from Denver, Colorado. | The Anchor | and Linzey Rae have made a name for themselves since the viral explosion of their YouTube series, Metal Kitchen. | The Anchor | prides themselves on making metalcore accessible and fun for people who don’t generally listen to the genre. Ultimately, | The Anchor | creates music to help others find a voice of understanding and simply be themselves. We write music with the objective of providing an uplifting message while promoting the value of self-worth. Knowing firsthand the refuge that music can offer away from life’s struggles, we hope to be a voice of understanding and provide a place that someone can call their home. This is so much more than a band, it is a family.
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