BAD NINJA - I Said It Now English Song, Car Music, Song for night Ride

BAD NINJA - I Said It Now English Song, Car Music, Song for night Ride ❂ The “ Trap Music Factory “ wants for 2021 & 2022 to promote absolutely any driving car music list that can make happy any car audio system, continuing with best Edm, bounce, and electro house. Some of the new songs that don’t have deep house remixes, bass house, Brazilian or g-house we make a boosted bass mix version for you to enjoy the music like a gangster in your car. This music movement started a few years ago, but now it gets bigger with each passing day, and we can find a lot of channels that promote car bass video. Some of the best we find are Car Music, Gangster club, Bass Movement, House Music HD, Gangster City, Alex’s list, Lithuania HQ. Much of the music is composed and orchestrated in the Jhaps Records gang studios, while also seeking to promote young producers and their remixes. Listen to our new music while playing online games or free internet online games from the app store or google play. From Las Vegas to Hollywood, Dubai to Moscow, you gonna watch our online music videos more than HBO or Netflix :). It’s incredible how the new bass house tracks like Shadow form the Romanian producer Triplo Max, Ugg’A with the bomb Think About, TRFN in collaboration with Fella with the song Drive all these with Siadou too... The best hit tracks from Ilkay Sencan with “No Sweat“ popular song, but also with Rockstar, the recent one Not so BAd, the very new collaboration with Era Istrefi and Arash - No Maybes, that probably will break the radio playlists. We all loved to listen to new trap music in our cars, but the new trend with bass house G house it’s crazy. This style started in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, or France, but now it’s viral in England too. We also remember about nebezao with the house music hit smash Rompasso, with angetenar, kvpv fake, rsac,ella. From Busta rhymes and 50 cents, Linkin park with touch it, in the end, candy shop. We also love 2scratch style, and all his songs are amazing starting from reminder, Ex, Loco feat Taog, super hit Superlife with Lox Chatterbox, Sober, Rich all night or deja vu. From JHaps Records music catalog over the years we have released songs that have become hits from Otilia with songs in english or spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2021: Bilionera billionaire Adelante otila remix song Diamante Aventura devocion latina I don’t know Balim with Serdar Ortaq, Wine my body, Otilia turkish album with the single Deli Gibi, Azar. Also Y3MR$ made a huge remix for Adelante in february 2021 entitled Adelante Y3MR$ remix. Y3MR$ it’s originar from Turkey and was signed with Ultra Records after the promotion made by JHaps Records. Also from our catalog are parts from Mario joy new English trap songs or deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2021 and ready for 2022: California Miss California Gold Digger Ganja Can’t get you Highway of love Alone secrets Glamour girl Bad Habit Andrea new english spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2021: Costi Haide Opa, miss California, upotrebena, soledad Our JHaps Records record label its founded in 2010. Artists that were promoted over the years Andrea Baga banini Robber Dj, PARA DEEP Dj Crazy Goat, Peppa Dj, Amor124, also until October 2021 Otilia and Mario Joy. We can continue with Paw JAR, BAd Ninja Nakosan, DOn Hertz, SAve or CYdo. Cydo its one of the artist of Jhaps Records that was very successuful in 2021, we are sure for 2021 too. All these were hits in 2019 or 2020, but we expecting brand new songs in the upcoming future to become popular in this year of 2021.
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