📹 & NOBE - Live @ Fantomas Rooftop (BassmaticBOX) / Indie Dance & Melodic House

TRACK ID: & NOBE - Live @ 3 Years Bassmatic records GENRES: Indie Dance | Melodic house RELEASE DATE: LABEL: Bassmatic records LOKATION: Fantomas Rooftop SOUND CLOUD: info: 🐝 It was an unforgettable night when the roof of Fantomas Rooftop filled with the sound of our music, and hundreds of people moved to the beat of our rhythms! It was a party celebrating the birthday of Bassmatic Records label last year! And today, we present a live back-to-back set from the main dance floor of the legendary rooftop. The best music, the best crowd, and the unique vibe of BassmaticBOX parties come together in this video. Press play, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of that magical night, and get ready for the new party happening on August 25th on the roof of Fantomas Rooftop in honor of Bassmatic Records label’s birthday! THIS TRACK LINK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 🐝 3KMqP6ggiEs5ODA6 --- WilyamDeLove NOBE #bassmaticrecords #fantomasrooftop #djwilyamdelove #wilyamdelove #nobemusic #bassmaticbox #music #techhouse #melodichouse #release #bassmaticbox
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