[[YOU]] Have [5] Minutes

Hi! Listen, I know I haven’t animated in a while, and I just want everyone to know…I’m trying my best here ;-;. I haven’t just been doing nothing ever since the past video. I’ve been planning a future video that would most likely be the 20K subscriber special, and I’ve been working on other animation that haven’t quite been finished yet ,_, …mainly for the idea aspect of it. I’m not the most creative person out there, so coming up with animation ideas I LIKE is extremely hard for me ;n;. I know this animation is pretty bad…mainly because it was made in just above an hour. However, I promise this 20K subscriber special will be SOMEWHAT worth your guys’ while. I just put this out to reassure you I’m still trying… I’m really trying my hardest here. I’m also using this video for a little experiment I’m doing on the side :o Models belong to @VibaPop Thanks to my girlfriend for editing :3!
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