How to Mod Skin for Dummies like Me (2024) | Genshin Impact 原神

So, have you seen all these cool Genshin Impact skins. And you want to get them too? Then you’re in the right place! I’ll explain step by step in this video Download 3DMigoto: Repair old mods: (Only use this if any mods look broken) Download character skins mods: Thanks for coming! I’ll really appreciate every likes and subs. Thank you so much! If you don’t like this video, just hit that dislike button, and comment it why at comment section so I can improve my upcoming uploads. And also feel free to share this video to your friends. See you in the next video 🤗 Subs to my channel : Thanks for all people who already subscribe me !! ➝ Join my discord server if you wanna make some friends: &
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