Solo Bushcraft - Lavvu Canvas Poncho Shelter - ASMR - Camping in the Northern Wilderness

This is a video of my solo trip to the Northern forest. I’m using lavvu canvas poncho tent as a bushcraft shelter. It is also suitable for survival in an extreme situation. I’ve found a good spot for camping near an old fallen tree. I used its roots as a wall of my bushcraft shelter and lavvu was the roof. The moss, various branches, tree bark, etc were used as a material to cover the holes. This type of survival shelter is very comfortable, and it looks like a tourist tent. I walked around and collected enough stones to make a fire pit. Then I prepared firewood. Applying bushcraft skills, I made a fire with a ferro rod and began to cook food on a cast iron pan. The main dish this time was a ramen with vegetables and chicken breast. Every time I try to do something new to develop my survival skills in the wild. On this trip, I made an L-shaped hanger for the teapot. A very convenient attachment for hanging outdoor utensils. You can boil water as well as prepare food.
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