Мы с тобой одной крови - человек и тигр. Тайган. Amazing! Tigress trusts her human. Taigan

This tigress was raised by people. She was abandoned by her mother and the zoo staff took care of her. This tigress trusts her owner so much that she allows him to take her cubs in his arms, lie next to her, help take care of the cubs and even MILK her. Vasilisa (that’s the name of the tigress) is a wonderful mother, although it may seem otherwise. just next to this person, with her master, she dissolves in love and affection and for some time turns into a domestic cat. Despite the fact that her mother herself abandoned her, Vasilisa raised more than one generation of tigers and good-naturedly accepted stranger cubs, which were abandoned by young mothers, or these mothers did not have milk. We admire this man’s ability to communicate with predators. It’s incredible. We have a whole playlist of videos about him and the Predators. This man - Oleg Zubkov - he created this park. This place used to be destroyed buildings, a destroyed military base. He turned these ruins into a beautiful place and
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