The Spiritual Meaning of White

What is the spiritual meaning of white? Do colors have a spiritual meaning? What energy do colors represent? American scientists developed the whitest color ever, which reflects 98% of the sun’s radiation. Unlike black, which takes everything in, white reflects everything. Is white even a color? Color is something that absorbs light. In spirituality, white implies that it does not take anything in. It is felt as though it does not exist. It is transparent. It takes nothing for itself. White demands no attention, nothing for itself. There are people who state that if we paint 1% of the planet with this new type of white, we can stop global warming because houses would reflect light. Imagine if we could also paint our internal attitudes all white, too. If we did so, it would solve all problems, including the pandemic, the inequalities, wars, and the climate crisis. The magic of white, or the technology behind white, is in its attitude toward other aspects of nature. White means that you do not demand
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