“The Road Not Taken“ Animated Short | Genshin Impact #GenshinImpact #Aether #Lumine #Animated

...But, At least you’re still out there, somewhere in the world. That trail of the comet that once streaked across the sky, Is now the untrodden path by which I seek you. —————————————————— Music Production: HOYO-MiX Composer: Ziyu Che @HOYO-MiX Singer: HOYO-MiX feat. Aimer Traveling in the nights you’ve left me in. I feel you in the last blow of wind. Even nowhere I can find you out, The answer is not far off now. This journey of ours has been bittersweet. Close my eyes wondering what you would have dreamed. If you were here standing next to me, Would you know how I feel, And see what I see? Know that I’ll always try. Finding your rhythm and rhyme. Though the nights are long and dark, I’ll see you shining bright. And no matter where you are, you’ve come with me this far. Showing the way when all else falls apart. When the snow all melts away, And the ice finally breaks. Have you taken off, are you already on your way? No matter where you are, I’ve come with you this far. I’m never really lost. Our paths will surely cross. Download FREE: #GenshinImpact #HoYoverse ↓ Follow us for the latest news ↓ HoYoLAB: Official Website: Official Community: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Reddit:
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