The Hardest Trip - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom

There is some nice geometry in this one! Skip into the middle of the video if you are short on time, otherwise sit back and enjoy the journey. This video is available in 4k, and may I suggest that you select the highest resolution your machine can handle. This video is named as such because the dataset is the same as “The Hardest Zoom“, it so long to calculate the dataset I thought that I’d better make another video with it (Although it 3 days further for After Effects to colour and encode this one). Yes, we are zooming at a constant speed in this video, the colouring method will sometimes give you the illusion that we are not. This video will be available for Patreons to download in the coming days, which will have a higher bitrate. You can also use these visuals on your own channel if you are a member of my Patreon page. I have disabled mid-roll ads! So why not say thanks and buy me a coffee? Thank-you to my supporters on Patreon. /******************************************************************************** Patreon: (Support, Downloads & Usage Rights) Ko-Fi: (Buy me a coffee) Website: Twitter: Discord: ********************************************************************************/ Music from Epidemic Sound: Dawncaller - Valante Rings of Jupiter - Valante Stonefunker - Valante Sonder - Valante Raincaller - Valante. Lucon - Valante Lucis - Valante Jenbel Dancing - Valante Wombat - Valante Location: Real: Imaginary: Depth:
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