7 Words to Say in IELTS Speaking for Band 7+

Learn 7 Words that you should use in your IELTS Speaking Test in this video, with ex-IELTS examiner Mark and Expert IELTS Teacher Jay. They will teach you how to use these words on test day and explain why candidates who use these words score band 7, band 8 and even band 9 in the IELTS Speaking Test. Watch Mark Explain Cause & Effect in IELTS Speaking in this video: Subscribe to the E2 English YouTube Channel HERE: Learn more about Comparative Adverbs in this video: Introduction 00:00 1. If 00:31 2. More 03:18 3 4. To & The 05:48 5. Which 06:53 6. So 08:20 7. When 9:51 Recap 11:43 Conclusion 11:57 #IELTSSpeaking #IELTS #Band7 ***** For self-study materials, practice tests, daily classes, 1:1 tutorials, feedback and lots more, sign up for free at Got questions? Get in touch: hello@e2lang
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