Healing 528Hz Morning Vibe Music 😍 Start Fresh With a Peaceful & Relaxed Mindset

Welcome To Aura Relax. The purpose and responsibility of this channel is delivering content that raises the vibration and helps our community grow and heal with the amazing healing properties of solfeggio frequencies, and binaural beats. Our content is made for healing, meditation, positive energy, yoga, relaxation, sleep, and much more. We hope you find something that resonates with you. ----------------------------------- 💖Remember to save your Playlist - Enjoy our playlists!🙌🎶 ----------------------------------- With the Music bought from Nature Healing Society Royalty-Free Music store, You can MONETIZE Your YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK any other Social Platform With the Purchased Content. Here is the Link: ----------------------------------- WHAT ARE THE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES: INFO ON 432HZ MUSIC:
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