Falling 260 million blocks in minecraft!

I apologize in advance for the diameter mistake of some of the planets. Though they are still for scale.* I had a lot of trouble with stuttering and glitchy movement when doing this fall. I also had alot of problems with my timer freezing etc. I hope you will enjoy it anyway. Mod used: Far planes 2 (Enables insane render distance) Mod uses LOD (level of detail) and heightmaps based from perlin noise to make the outer chunks. That is why there are several “borders“ between each new level of detail. Music: Drifting at 432 Hz Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 01:49 - Saturn comparrison 02:26 - Uranus comparrison 05:18 - Earth comparrison 06:51 - Mars comparrison 07:29 - Russia comparrison 08:58 - US comparrison 10:17 - Germany comparrison 11:45 - New York (state) comparrison 15:37 - GTA 5 map comparrison 16:38 - End
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