How I Got Fluent In Spanish In 44 Days (Timelapse + Full 8-Hour Daily Method)

This is a video that breaks down the method I used to achieve basic fluency in Spanish in 44 days. I took Spanish in High School over a decade ago so my Spanish knowledge was very basic. This video includes several tips and exercises that you can incorporate into your own language learning routine. I created a similar method to learn French. Check it out HERE 👉🏼 Video that explains the speaking exercise from this video HERE 👉🏼 DeepL Download (The translator that I used in the video): 50 VERBS LIST (copy & paste): 20 MAIN VERBS (Purple List) ser estar tener hacer ir ver poder dar saber poner pedir seguir servir elegir caer oír venir traer haber salir REGULAR -AR hablar mirar escuchar ayudar REGULAR - ER comer aprender deber leer REGUL
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