Rainy Night In Seoul, In A Spacious Room With A Beautiful Night View | Rain, RainOnWindow Sounds

Spend the night enjoying the night view of Seoul raining in a spacious and cozy lit room. Watching the twinkling lights and listening to the sound of rain hitting the window makes you feel like you are going back in time to the nostalgic past. I hope it will be a time to reminisce about your memories or organize your thoughts. I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of a video these days. I hope that all of your personal thoughts and mine are well organized. Hope this video helps you relax, sleep, or study 🙏 Sincerely, thank you all for always watching 🙏🤎 (P.S. I recommend adjusting the volume for a more comfortable sounds.) I hope everyone always has safe, happy and peaceful days. Peace 🙏 (8Hours Rain Sounds, RainOnWindow Sounds, Sleeping, Relaxing, Soothing, Study, Reminiscence, Insomnia) Thanks for watching. #Rain #RainSounds #RainOnWindow #Seoul #SouthKorea (All videos on the channel are copyrighted b
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