’This song is the sign’ Cézame Trailers - Lighting up the Darkness (Extended) Epic Emotional Music

An Epic Emotional, Powerful Orchestral and Intense Dark Chorus Song from Cézame Trailers. #EpicMusic Composers: Gabriel Saban & Brian Delgado Album: Battle of Gods 🎶 Follow Cézame Trailers (Publisher) on: Facebook: YouTube: SoundCloud: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: =dm_ws_sp_ps_dp Contact/Licensing: 🎨 Image: This song is the signal. When this song touches our hearts and makes us feel its strength and emotions deeply, we will know that the end is upon us. We will know that the time for the last effort has come, the last chance to defeat what is bad in this world, that the time to stand up in the face of injustice has arrived, that hope no longer exists and only death awaits us so that we can give a future for those who will remain. This song is the signal. What a Glorious End. 🌟 Thank You for listening to Epic Mondays, the Soundtrack of Your Life is here! DanJ Follow us on Instagram for “behind the scenes“ and Spoilers of future uploads 🖊 Please know that I do not place any of the ads on this video. Since the channel use copyright-protected music, ads are placed by YouTube automatically to generate revenue for the license holders of the music. Also I’m not gaining any value from this channel, all the likely revenue goes to the music owners. © All music and images are copyrighted and belong to the respective owners. *Please buy music to support the artists!*
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