I Built A Stone Chimney For The Log Cabin

We are selling our own handmade cutting boards!! Buy one here: My girlfriend and I hand-craft these cutting boards ourselves in the log cabin. We can only make a few at a time, so you have to be first to buy one when a batch is released. Our first batch is signed by hand with its own unique number, representing how every cutting board is unique. They are made from hard nordic oak, making them extremely durable, holding up for a lifetime of abuse. Instead of having a plastic cutting board that really should be thrown away after 2 years. I was told that my dream of selling handmade products wouldn’t work in today’s world where everything is mass produced. I want to prove them wrong. My goal is to expand into other handmade products, making a series of lifetime quality handmade goods. Breaking free from mass production, supporting our environment. So check out or website: —------ The clothes
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