MESSAGE | 260721 | Jun @ [Korean Cultural Centre Brussels] K-POP Summer Challenge

#shorts #에이스 #ACE #Higher #Kpopsummerschool #koreanculturalcenterbrussels #kpopsummerchallenge #준 #JUN #김병관 #KimByungKwan #와우 #WOW #찬 #Chan #동훈 #Donghoon Did you enjoy watching JUN’s challenge video? Who was the song and artist JUN was talking about? If you know the answer, please leave a comment below! 🔹 K-POP Summer Challenge ( - ) 🔹Participation period : 19 ~ 31 July  Choose a #Kpop song and make a vertical video of 1 minute 🎬 (YouTube Shorts) about it.  You can do this by dance, storytelling, short film, etc. Be creative!  Send your video to us by mail ([email protected]) before August 1.  [ Prizes ]  🥇1st place (1pers.):   Round-trip flight to Korea  🥈2nd place (1pers.):   Samsung Galaxy S21  🥉3rd place (3pers.):   Galaxy Bud Pro    [ Participation conditions ]  - Participants have to currently reside in Belgium to participate.  - Videos have to be received by the KCC before August 1, 2021.  - Only individuals can participate. Group projects will not be accepted. How to participate in K
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