If Genshin had a Cyberpunk Anime - EPISODE 1 - PROGENITOR: The Shogunate (DillonGoo x Genshin)

EPISODE 2 IS OUT! Swearing off violence, L-13 (also known as Albedo) exists in a world where synthetic and organic humans stand on opposite sides of a battle for equality. But when approached by RS-03 (General Raiden) in a dire situation, he must decide which humanity to fight for. Get Goo Engine: Learn how to animate in Blender from me: Merchandise: #genshinimpact #animation #hoyofair2023 ------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS: Director/Writer/Animator/Producer: Dillon Gu - Lead Animator: Dillon Gu Tony Garcia - Shane Newville - Animators: ramenlook - Brandon Kolaczewski - CaehLyn - Atelier - https://tw
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