Easy and Simple Watercolor Painting - Purple Onion- Still Life-Tutorial Step by Step

In this video, I will paint easy and simple still-life in watercolor for beginners step by step. Today’s object is the purple onion. Purple onion is a very common vegetables at the market. We will learn how to describe the light and shadow when we paint a still life. SO, I will focus on the reflected light area and the lines of onion’s skin. Someone asked me what color I apply for the shadow. I use the some kind of purple color which was generated from mixing ultramarine and magenta. COLOR: magenta ultramarine for shadow, permanent alizarin crimson. chinese white. PAPER: Arches Cold Pressed 140 lb. BRUSH: Davinci 8 cosmotop Mix B, Davinci 3 petit gris pur. Raphael Kolinsky 1. Thank you and enjoy the video. Please don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave good comments. It will give me a lot of happy and good energy. Instagram - @Paintinghyun Website -
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