Paul Walker v Mac Daddy Pimp (running scared) Беги без оглядки (2006)

Беги без оглядки (2006) Pimp Lester: [pointing gun at Oleg] Say hello to my little friend! Joey Gazelle: That’s real fuckin’ original. What are you, a fuckin’ cartoon? Pimp Lester: I’m a Mack Daddy pimp! You know that. And now I’m gonna cap your ass, and when I’m finished with you, I’m gonna take your little punk friend and I’m gonna put him in my posse, and I’m gonna pimp him out for a couple of months and then I’m gonna take that knife of yours and I’m gonna cut him from ear to ear, *just like I should’ve done yesterday, you fuck!* Joey Gazelle: Yeah, I’m sure that sounds great to you all in your fuckin’ pimp world and all, but, listen, right now, that’s not the *fuckin’* thing you wanna do! You wanna put down that fuckin’ gun, and you wanna walk away ’cause I swear to fuckin’ God, I’ll fuckin’ kill you, you stupid fuckin’ pimp bitch! Pimp Lester: Wrong! Only one of us is walking out of here. Guess who? Joey Gazelle: Oleg, get behind me... Oleg, get behind me!
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